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A cleanup script for macOS

What does script do?
  • Empty the Trash on All Mounted Volumes and the Main HDD
  • Clear System Log Files
  • Clear Adobe Cache Files
  • Cleanup iOS Applications
  • Remove iOS Device Backups
  • Cleanup Xcode Derived Data and Archives
  • Reset iOS simulators
  • Cleanup Homebrew Cache
  • Cleanup Any Old Versions of Gems
  • Cleanup Dangling Docker Images
  • Purge Inactive Memory
  • Cleanup pip cache
  • Cleanup Pyenv-VirtualEnv Cache
  • Cleanup npm Cache
  • Cleanup Yarn Cache
  • Cleanup Docker Images and Stopped Containers
  • Cleanup CocoaPods Cache Files
  • Cleanup composer cache
  • Cleanup Dropbox cache
  • Remove PhpStorm logs
  • Remove Minecraft logs and cache
  • Remove Steam logs and cache
  • Remove Lunar Client logs and cache
  • Remove Microsoft Teams logs and cache
  • Remove Wget logs and hosts
  • Removes Cacher logs
  • Deletes Android caches
  • Clears Gradle caches
  • Deletes Kite logs
  • Clears Go module cache
  • Clears Poetry cache

Install Automatically

Using homebrew

brew tap fwartner/tap
brew install fwartner/tap/mac-cleanup
Error: SHA256 mismatch

If you'll see Error: SHA256 mismatch try this:

  1. Copy "Actual" hash from error
  2. Run brew edit fwartner/tap/mac-cleanup
  3. Press I and change sha256 "<some hash>" with hash from step 1
  4. Press :, then wq and Enter
  5. Re-run installation
    brew install fwartner/tap/mac-cleanup

Using curl

curl -fsSL | bash -s install

Using wget

wget -O - | bash -s install

Step by Step Install

  1. Download: curl -o cleanup
  2. Make it executable: chmod +x cleanup
  3. Move to make it globally usable: sudo mv cleanup /usr/local/bin/cleanup


If installing with curl you need to call cleanup instead of mac-cleanup.


Using curl

curl -fsSL "" | bash -s update

Using wget

wget "" -O - | bash -s update


Using curl

curl -fsSL "" | bash -s uninstall

Using wget

wget "" -O - | bash -s uninstall

Usage Options

Help menu:

$ mac-cleanup -h

A Mac Cleanup Utility by fwartner

 mac-cleanup [FLAGS]

-h, --help       Prints help menu
-d, --dry-run    Print approx space to be cleaned
-v, --verbose    Print script debug info
-u, --update     Run brew update


Code Contributors

This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.

If you like what I am doing please consider sponsor my work!