Plugin for Sublime Text to smart delete all spaces after carret
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Sublime Text Smart Delete Plugin

Plugin for Sublime Text to smart delete all spaces before or after carret.

Delete at end of line


This plugin gives you smart_delete command for Sublime Text. With it you can "join" (delete all space symbols) between two lines by pressing just one key.

Default keyboard shortcut: Delete

OS support: Windows, OS X, Linux

Notice: If you are on OS X, please take a note that to execute delete operation you should press Fn + Delete


With Package Control

If you have the Package Control package installed, you can install Smart delete plugin from inside Sublime Text itself. Open the Command Palette Ctrl+Shift+P and select "Package Control: Install Package", then search for Smart delete plugin.

Without Package Control

If you haven't got Package Control installed you will need to make a clone of this repository into your packages folder, like so:

git clone

If you find error feel free to create issue on this repository.

Inspired by reSharper plugin for Visual Studio.


Jay Gillibrand