Apple Pattern of Life Lazy Output'er
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Apple Pattern of Life Lazy Output'er (APOLLO)


  • This is your warning. I've tested a few modules but there is much more testing to be done.
  • Find a bug or a better query, let me know!
  • Extra warning on PowerLog modules, timestamps may be in the past and/or future - testing these.
  • Many more modules to come!
  • Python 2.7, probably doesn't run on 3 without tweaking code.


python -output {csv, sql} <modules directory> <data directory>

Output Options

  • csv - CSV
  • sql - SQLite Database

Data Directory Pro Tip

  • Extract databases as it will take forever (1hr+) to run on full disk dump, it works, but be patient.
  • Not anymore, thanks to Sam Alptekin of @sjc_CyberCrimes 👍