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Is a minimal CMS Rails Engine or more likelly a "static" pages manager
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Tiny CMS

Is a minimal CMS Rails Engine or more likelly a “static” pages manager. Pages can be created, deleted, edited and arranged into sections using a file tree like interface courtesy of jQuery tree (

It attempts to be as minimal, flexible and unobtrusive as posible leaving a lot of functionality like templating languages and authentication/authorization for page creation, deletion and editing for the Rails app developer to implement.


  • jQuery

  • ActiveRecord


$ [sudo] gem install tiny_cms


  • Configure in your app:

    config.gem 'tiny_cms'
  • Run the tiny_cms_assets generator, this will copy jquery-1.4.1, jquery-tree, a minimal version of jquery-ui

and tiny_cms.js and some stylesheets to your app's public folder and a locale file to config/locales:

$ script/generate tiny_cms_assets
  • Run tiny_cms generator passing a resource name to generate model, controller and migration files and write the routes:

    $ script/generate tiny_cms page
  • Run the migrations

  • If you wan't to customize the views or use a templating language you can copy the views to your app:

    $ script/generate tiny_cms_views
  • In your application layout or the layout for the resource you created include jquery and the tiny_cms.js file:

    <%= javascript_include_tag 'jquery-1.4.2.min' %>
    <%= javascript_include_tag 'tiny_cms' %>
  • Visit /pages of your app

  • Use right mouse button for functions related to nodes


Copyright © 2010 Macario Ortega. See LICENSE for details.

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