An internet radio streamer that works with ARMA
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nRadio - Downloads

Project abandoned due to lack of help/contributions...

nRadio is a small mod for ARMA that allows clients to listen to internet radio mp3 streams. The mod includes a set of simple functions to interact with the extension and a basic "radio" dialog. Here is a small video of an earlier version:

Adding Stations To The Dialog

If you take a look here, this is how the radio stations are defined. If you include the nRadio class in the mission's description.ext, the dialog will display those stations instead.



Get status (STOP, WAITING, PLAYING): [] call NRD_fnc_status

Gets current song (if available): [] call NRD_fnc_song

Plays a stream: ['URL'] call NRD_fnc_play

Stop playback: [] call NRD_fnc_stop

Set volume (0-100): [50] call NRD_fnc_volume


Open the built-in dialog [] call NRD_fnc_start

Dialog IDDs

  • 23973: Add Station
  • 23974: Main Dialog


  • Maca134
  • BenR


If you like this app and use it, please consider donating via PayPal or becoming a Patreon.