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Twilio is a package to allow interaction with the Twilio service.


  1. Clone (git clone git:// / download
  2. Copy to fuel/packages/
  3. Copy fuel/packages/twilio/config/twilio.php to fuel/app/config/
  4. Add your Twilio credentials and defaults for each twiml element.


Rest API

This package will allow you to send requests to Twilio:

TwiML: Twilio Markup Language

It also includes an object based implementation of Twilio's TwiML.

Here are the TwiML elements:


Copy config/twilio.php to app/config/twilio.php and change whatever setting in need of changing.

Rest API Examples

Make a call

$call = Twilio\Twilio::request('MakeCall');
$response = $call->create(array(
	'To' => '+4412345678901',
	'From' => '+4416789012345',
	'Url' => Uri::create('welcome/call')

Send an SMS message

$sms = Twilio\Twilio::request('SmsMessage');
$response = $sms->create(array(
	'To' => '+4412345678901',
	'From' => '+4416789012345',
	'Body' => 'SMS content'

TwiML Examples

Simple Example

$twiml = Twilio\Twilio::twiml();
$twiml->say('Hello World!')->pause('', array('length' => '5'));

Will render:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
		<Say voice="man" language="en" loop="1">Hello World!</Say>
		<Pause length="5" />

Grabbing key presses during a call

$question = Twilio\Twilio::twiml();
$question->say('Please press 1 or 2')->pause()->play('');

$twiml = Twilio\Twilio::twiml();
$twiml->pause()->gather($question, array(
	'action' => Uri::create('twilio/next_action'),
	'numDigits' => '1'
$response = $twiml->render();

Sending an SMS message

$twiml = Twilio\Twilio::twiml();
$twiml->sms($message, array('from' => '+441234567890'));


Only the TwiML elements Gather and Dial have nested objects.

Gather can have the following nested variables:

  • Say
  • Play
  • Pause

Dial can have:

  • A string, telephone number
  • Number
  • Client
  • Conference

Get In Touch

You can get in touch either through GitHub or you can email me at

Checkout my site at