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Autobuild repository for

Contains Dockerfile and other needed files to create a munkireport-php image.

The main munkireport-php repository is here:

Part of the Macadmins Docker project:

Run instructions

Start the MR-PHP container as follows:

docker run -d -v /var/html/app/db -p 80:80 macadmins/munkireport-php

This will create a persistent storage volume on your Docker host and in the MR-PHP container. The database will be created there and persist after the container is stopped or removed.

The default login/password is admin/admin - this can be changed by volume-binding your own config.php with a different admin password hash:

docker run -d -v /var/html/app/db -v /path/to/your/config.php:/var/html/app/config.php -p 80:80 macadmins/munkireport-php

The line to add looks like this (this is the password hash in the image):

$auth_config['admin'] = '$P$BDnkPOMPV0BMGL7YROrT9ITzwk3ZWz/';

The config_default.php file is sourced for initial settings. The above method will also apply if you wish to provide your own configuration for the MR-PHP application. Simply bind-mount the config.php file with your modifications.

Environment Variables

The following variables are exposed for configuration via environment:

  • SITENAME: The name of your site, displayed in the title.
  • ADMIN_PASSWORD: If you are using local authentication ONLY, the password hash for the admin account. Default is the password admin.
  • MODULES: A comma delimited list of enabled modules.
  • IP_RANGES: A comma delimited list of ip ranges to show in the network module.
  • ALLOW_MIGRATIONS: Set to TRUE to allow database schema migrations (upgrades).
  • ENABLE_BUSINESS_UNITS: Set to TRUE to enable business unit functionality.
  • CLIENT_PASSPHRASES: A comma delimited list of accepted passphrases.
  • APPS_TO_TRACK: A comma delimited list of application names to display on the applications report.

Active Directory Authentication

  • AUTH_AD_DOMAIN_CONTROLLERS: A comma delimited list of domain controllers to contact for authentication.
  • AUTH_AD_ACCOUNT_SUFFIX: The UPN suffix eg. @domain.local.
  • AUTH_AD_BASE_DN: The base DN for binding, eg. DC=domain,DC=local. If not set will be auto detected.
  • AUTH_AD_ADMIN_USERNAME: The username to use if unauthenticated queries are not allowed.
  • AUTH_AD_ADMIN_PASSWORD: The password to use if unauthenticated queries are not allowed.
  • AUTH_AD_ALLOWED_USERS: A comma delimited list of users who are allowed access.
  • AUTH_AD_ALLOWED_GROUPS: A comma delimited list of AD groups who are allowed access.