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Vendor Guidelines

Vendors can make up an important part of our community, and our Slack team provides a unique method to engage with a user base directly, but vendors should adhere to the following guidelines to help ensure they do not engage in behaviour that violates our Code of Conduct.

Direct messages

It is not permitted to direct message a member of our community for the purposes of promoting your product without their clear permission beforehand.

What is okay

Vendor: Hey @personX, is it ok if I message you about #productY?

personX: Sure, that's fine.

What is not okay

  • Direct messaging the user before they have responded to a posting in a public channel like the above.
  • Direct messaging the user when they have responded in any manner that could be taken as a negative response to a posting in a public channel like the above.

Promoting your product in public channels

If you wish to promote your product in a public channel, it is important that:

  • Your message is relevant to the current discussion topic. For example, if you make a disk partitioning tool, it may be useful to post a link to your own channel if the current discussion is on that topic.
  • Your message cannot be considered 'spam' - in addition to being on topic, it shouldn't be posted repeatedly, either in the same channel or in multiple channels.

What is okay

personX: I'm looking for a tool that performs X - does anyone have any ideas?

Vendor: Hey @personX, I work for companyY and we make something that may help. Maybe you would like to come over to #companyY?

What is not okay

[Unrelated conversation]

Vendor: So is it true that : The new MacOS eliminates IMAGING… Deploy Studio??? [competitor] or have possible the solutions?

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