Mod for the Spout mod that enables modding via Javascript.
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ModTheMod is a mod made for the Spout modding API that allows smaller mods to be made in various scripting languages relatively quickly.

Often times, it is rather unreasonable to make a mod in Java, having to maintain a JAR with only two or three lines of code. Furthermore, Java is a rather verbose language, so it takes time out of making your ideas work out well.

The ultimate goal of ModTheMod is to provide a lightweight but powerful modding system for Spout.


ModTheMod can be built with the Java Development Kit and Apache Maven. Maven is also used for dependency management.

The command mvn clean install will build ModTheMod and install it to your local repository.


Installing ModTheMod is as simple as dropping ModTheMod.jar into your plugin directory.


Javadocs can be generated by using the mvn javadoc:javadoc command in the terminal. This utilizes Maven's javadoc plugin and may need to download dependencies the first time it is run.


ModTheMod is open-source software released under the Apache license v2. Please see the LICENSE.txt file for details.