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A seed project to easily manage and integrate sass into Fractal projects
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Fractal Sass Seed

This is a seed project, using Fractal alongside Sass and Gulp to provide editable component-based CSS

Using Gulp we can watch for changes to our global variables and component styles to auto-compile and update our pattern SASS. We can then use this auto compiled output css to power our Fractal preview, and use one single set of files to both manage and display components.



  • clone this repository
  • cd into the "example" folder
  • npm install to install dependencies
  • fractal start --sync to start the Fractal instance with Browsersync
  • make sure you have gulp-cli installed (not a project dependency...)
  • gulp styles to compile your css file (the example project already has a compiled site.css file), and then
  • gulp watch to watch your sass files for changes and re-compile
  • to see it in action, try changing either the global color variable in "_colors.scss", or the component-level color variable in "example.scss" - the preview should update.
  • Go forth and create!


The assumption is that we'll want a set of global variables, like colors and type, as well as per-component styles, which will live in the component's folders.

There is a folder in the root of the Fractal project called globals/, which includes an import.scss file as well as some example sass partials, "_colors.scss" and "_normalize.scss". This is where you'd put any files containing mixins and other variables you want to be able to reference from components.

In our Gulpfile, we'll watch this import file as well as our component folder for changes. Since we want to import our component-only styles AFTER these global variables are imported, we need to reference those files here. If we try to include them any other way, they will be concatenated out of order and variables will be unavailable to components.

In our import file, with the help of gulp-sass-glob, we can add any scss file inside any component folder, and append it to our import.scss file. That's the @import "../components/**/*.scss line at the bottom of import.scss

In our Gulpfile, we have a task gulp styles that will compile all the sass files referenced in import.scss We'll export this to public/stylesheets/site.css. Now that we have a live-updating compiled css file, we can reference it in our global preview file in our component directory.

Now, this is what we are looking for but we probably want it to update on any change to any scss file. After starting your Fractal app with fractal start --sync, you can run gulp watch, and live-update sass!


Please let me know how to improve this seed, and feel free to contribute!


Fractal is a tool to help you build and document web component libraries and then integrate them into your projects.

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Read the Fractal documentation at

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