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import hail
import logging
from pprint import pprint
from hail_scripts.v01.utils.computed_fields import get_expr_for_variant_id, get_expr_for_orig_alt_alleles_set
from hail_scripts.v01.utils.vds_schema_string_utils import convert_vds_schema_string_to_annotate_variants_expr
logger = logging.getLogger()
def compute_minimal_schema(vds, dataset_type="VARIANTS"):
# add computed annotations
vds = vds.annotate_variants_expr([
"va.docId = %s" % get_expr_for_variant_id(512),
# apply schema to dataset
if dataset_type == "VARIANTS":
INPUT_SCHEMA["top_level_fields"] = """
docId: String,
aIndex: Int,
INPUT_SCHEMA["info_fields"] = ""
elif dataset_type == "SV":
INPUT_SCHEMA["top_level_fields"] = """
docId: String,
aIndex: Int,
INPUT_SCHEMA["info_fields"] = ""
raise ValueError("Unexpected dataset_type: %s" % dataset_type)
expr = convert_vds_schema_string_to_annotate_variants_expr(root="va.clean", **INPUT_SCHEMA)
vds = vds.annotate_variants_expr(expr=expr)
vds = vds.annotate_variants_expr("va = va.clean")
return vds
def read_in_dataset(hc, input_path, dataset_type="VARIANTS", filter_interval=None, skip_summary=False, num_partitions=None, not_gatk_genotypes=False):
"""Utility method for reading in a .vcf or .vds dataset
hc (HailContext)
input_path (str): vds or vcf input path
dataset_type (str):
filter_interval (str): optional chrom/pos filter interval (eg. "X:12345-54321")
skip_summary (bool): don't run vds.summarize()
num_partitions (int): if specified, runs vds.repartition(num_partitions)
not_gatk_genotypes (bool): set to False if the dataset has the standard GATK genotype format (GT:AD:DP:GQ:PL)
input_path = input_path.rstrip("/")
if input_path.endswith(".vds"):
vds = read_vds(hc, input_path)
else:"\n==> import: " + input_path)
if dataset_type == "VARIANTS":
vds = hc.import_vcf(input_path, force_bgz=True, min_partitions=10000, generic=not_gatk_genotypes)
vds_genotype_schema = str(vds.genotype_schema)
if vds_genotype_schema != "Genotype":
if "DP:Int" in vds_genotype_schema and "GQ:Int" in vds_genotype_schema:
vds = vds.annotate_genotypes_expr("g = Genotype(v,, NA:Array[Int], g.DP, g.GQ, NA:Array[Int])")
vds = vds.annotate_genotypes_expr("g = g.GT.toGenotype()")
elif dataset_type == "SV":
vds = hc.import_vcf(input_path, force_bgz=True, min_partitions=10000, generic=True)
raise ValueError("Unexpected dataset_type: %s" % dataset_type)
# ensure that va.wasSplit and va.aIndex are defined before calling split_multi() since split_multi() doesn't define these if all variants are bi-allelic
vds = vds.annotate_variants_expr('va.wasSplit=false, va.aIndex=1')
if num_partitions is None and vds.num_partitions() < 1000:
vds = vds.repartition(1000, shuffle=True)
elif num_partitions is not None:
vds = vds.repartition(num_partitions, shuffle=True)
if dataset_type == "VARIANTS":
vds = vds.split_multi()
#vds = vds.filter_alleles('v.altAlleles[aIndex-1].isStar()', keep=False) # filter star alleles
if filter_interval is not None:"\n==> set filter interval to: %s" % (filter_interval, ))
vds = vds.filter_intervals(hail.Interval.parse(filter_interval))
if not skip_summary and dataset_type == "VARIANTS":"Callset stats:")
summary = vds.summarize()
total_variants = summary.variants
total_variants = vds.count_variants()
if dataset_type == "VARIANTS":
vds = vds.annotate_variants_expr("va.originalAltAlleles=%s" % get_expr_for_orig_alt_alleles_set())
if not skip_summary:
if total_variants == 0:
raise ValueError("0 variants in VDS. Make sure chromosome names don't contain 'chr'")
else:"\n==> total variants: %s" % (total_variants,))
return vds
def read_vds(hail_context, vds_path):"\n==> read in: {}".format(vds_path))
def write_vds(vds, output_path, overwrite=True):
"""Writes the given VDS to the given output path""""\n==> write out: " + output_path)
vds.write(output_path, overwrite=overwrite)
def run_vep(vds, genome_version, root='va.vep', block_size=1000):
if genome_version == "37":
vds = vds.annotate_global_expr('global.gencodeVersion = "19"') # see
elif genome_version == "38":
vds = vds.annotate_global_expr('global.gencodeVersion = "25"') # see gs://hail-common/vep/vep/homo_sapiens/85_GRCh38/info.txt
vds = vds.vep(config="/vep/vep-gcloud-grch{}.properties".format(genome_version), root=root, block_size=block_size)"==> Done with VEP")
return vds