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PhantomJS-based web performance metrics collector and monitoring tool
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PhantomJS-based modular web performance metrics collector. And why phantomas? Well, because :)

NPM version Build Status



npm install --global phantomas

This will add a symlink called phantomas (pointing to ./phantomas.js) to your system's PATH


phantomas uses the following 3rd party libraries (located in /lib directory):

Let's make Web a bit faster!




Single run

phantomas --url --verbose

You can measure the performance of your site without requests to 3rd party domains (but allowing CDN that serves your static assets):

phantomas --url --verbose --no-externals --allow-domain


  • --url URL of the page to generate metrics for (required)
  • --format=[json|csv|plain] output format (plain is the default one)
  • --timeout=[seconds] timeout for phantomas run (defaults to 15 seconds)
  • --viewport=[width]x[height] phantomJS viewport dimensions (1280x1024 is the default)
  • --verbose writes debug messages to the console
  • --silent don't write anything to the console
  • --log=[log file] log to a given file
  • --modules=[moduleOne],[moduleTwo] run only selected modules
  • --skip-modules=[moduleOne],[moduleTwo] skip selected modules
  • --user-agent='Custom user agent' provide a custom user agent (will default to something similar to phantomas/0.6.0 (PhantomJS/1.9.0; linux 64bit))
  • --config=[JSON config file] uses JSON-formatted config file to set parameters
  • --cookie='bar=foo;domain=url' document.cookie formatted string for setting a single cookie
  • --no-externals block requests to 3rd party domains
  • --allow-domain=[domain],[domain] allow requests to given domai(s) - aka whitelist
  • --block-domain=[domain],[domain] disallow requests to given domai(s) - aka blacklist
  • --analyze-css emit in-depth CSS metrics experimental
  • --film-strip register film strip when page is loading (PNG files will be saved in ./filmstrip directory) experimental

Multiple runs

This helper script requires NodeJS.

./run-multiple.js --url=  --runs=5


  • --url URL of the page to generate metrics for (required)
  • --runs number of runs to perform (defaults to 3)
  • --modules=[moduleOne],[moduleTwo] run only selected modules
  • --skip-modules=[moduleOne],[moduleTwo] skip selected modules


  • Modular approach - each metric is generated by a separate "module"
  • phantomas "core" acts as an events emitter that each module can hook into
  • JSON and CSV as available output formats for easy integration with automated reporting / monitoring tools
  • Utilities:
    • helper script to run phantomas multiple times
    • CSS analyzer


Current number of metrics: 92


  • ms for time
  • bytes for size
$ phantomas --url

phantomas metrics for <>:

* requests: 15
* gzipRequests: 8
* postRequests: 0
* httpsRequests: 15
* redirects: 1
* notFound: 0
* timeToFirstByte: 722
* timeToLastByte: 730
* bodySize: 394612
* contentLength: 420351
* ajaxRequests: 0
* htmlCount: 1
* htmlSize: 68335
* cssCount: 2
* cssSize: 163237
* jsCount: 4
* jsSize: 115046
* jsonCount: 0
* jsonSize: 0
* imageCount: 7
* imageSize: 24514
* webfontCount: 1
* webfontSize: 23480
* base64Count: 0
* base64Size: 0
* otherCount: 0
* otherSize: 0
* cacheHits: 9
* cacheMisses: 0
* cachingNotSpecified: 4
* cachingTooShort: 3
* cachingDisabled: 0
* domains: 8
* maxRequestsPerDomain: 7
* medianRequestsPerDomain: 1.5
* DOMqueries: 90
* DOMqueriesById: 17
* DOMqueriesByClassName: 52
* DOMqueriesByTagName: 21
* DOMqueriesByQuerySelectorAll: 0
* DOMinserts: 16
* DOMqueriesDuplicated: 10
* eventsBound: 119
* headersCount: 264
* headersSentCount: 44
* headersRecvCount: 220
* headersSize: 8922
* headersSentSize: 1829
* headersRecvSize: 7093
* documentWriteCalls: 0
* evalCalls: 0
* jQueryVersion: 2.0.0
* jQueryOnDOMReadyFunctions: 42
* jQuerySizzleCalls: 92
* assetsNotGzipped: 1
* assetsWithQueryString: 4
* smallImages: 4
* multipleRequests: 0
* timeToFirstCss: 1069
* timeToFirstJs: 1407
* timeToFirstImage: 1994
* onDOMReadyTime: 194
* onDOMReadyTimeEnd: 430
* windowOnLoadTime: 2176
* windowOnLoadTimeEnd: 2177
* httpTrafficCompleted: 7089
* windowAlerts: 0
* windowConfirms: 0
* windowPrompts: 0
* consoleMessages: 0
* cookiesSent: 0
* cookiesRecv: 492
* domainsWithCookies: 2
* documentCookiesLength: 268
* documentCookiesCount: 8
* bodyHTMLSize: 64146
* iframesCount: 0
* imagesWithoutDimensions: 2
* commentsSize: 245
* hiddenContentSize: 9933
* whiteSpacesSize: 3277
* DOMelementsCount: 831
* DOMelementMaxDepth: 12
* nodesWithInlineCSS: 5
* globalVariables: 23
* jsErrors: 0
* localStorageEntries: 0
* smallestResponse: 35
* biggestResponse: 82544
* fastestResponse: 41
* slowestResponse: 5323
* medianResponse: 429.5

Requests monitor (core module)

  • requests: total number of HTTP requests made
  • gzipRequests: number of gzipped HTTP responses
  • postRequests: number of POST requests
  • httpsRequests: number of HTTPS requests
  • redirects: number of HTTP redirects (either 301 or 302)
  • notFound: number of HTTP 404 responses
  • timeToFirstByte: time it took to receive the first byte of the first response
  • timeToLastByte: time it took to receive the last byte of the first response
  • bodySize: size of the content of all responses
  • contentLength: size of the content of all responses (based on Content-Length header)
  • httpTrafficCompleted: time it took to receive the last byte of the last HTTP response

AJAX requests

  • ajaxRequests: number of AJAX requests

Assets types

  • htmlCount: number of HTML responses
  • htmlSize: size of HTML responses
  • cssCount: number of CSS responses
  • cssSize: size of CSS responses
  • jsCount: number of JS responses
  • jsSize: size of JS responses
  • jsonCount: number of JSON responses
  • jsonSize: size of JSON responses
  • imageCount: number of image responses
  • imageSize: size of image responses
  • webfontCount: number of web font responses
  • webfontSize: size of web font responses
  • base64Count: number of base64 encoded "responses" (no HTTP request was actually made)
  • base64Size: size of base64 encoded "responses"
  • otherCount: number of other responses
  • otherSize: size of other responses

Cache Hits

Metrics are calculated based on X-Cache header added by Varnish / Squid servers.

  • cacheHits: number of cache hits
  • cacheMisses: number of cache misses


  • headersCount: number of requests and responses headers
  • headersSentCount: number of headers sent in requests
  • headersRecvCount: number of headers received in responses
  • headersSize: size of all headers
  • headersSentSize: size of sent headers
  • headersRecvSize: size of received headers


  • domains: number of domains used to fetch the page
  • maxRequestsPerDomain: maximum number of requests fetched from a single domain
  • medianRequestsPerDomain: median of requests fetched from each domain


  • cookiesSent: length of cookies sent in HTTP requests
  • cookiesRecv: length of cookies received in HTTP responses
  • domainsWithCookies: number of domains with cookies set
  • documentCookiesLength: length of document.cookie
  • documentCookiesCount: number of cookies in document.cookie

DOM complexity

  • globalVariables: number of JS globals variables
  • bodyHTMLSize: the size of body tag content
  • commentsSize: the size of HTML comments on the page
  • hiddenContentSize: the size of content of hidden elements on the page (with CSS display: none)
  • whiteSpacesSize: the size of text nodes with whitespaces only
  • DOMelementsCount: total number of HTML element nodes
  • DOMelementMaxDepth: maximum level on nesting of HTML element node
  • iframesCount: number of iframe nodes
  • nodesWithInlineCSS: number of nodes with inline CSS styling (with style attribute)
  • imagesWithoutDimensions: number of <img> nodes without both width and height attribute

DOM queries

  • DOMqueries: the sum of all four metrics below
  • DOMqueriesById: number of document.getElementById calls
  • DOMqueriesByClassName: number of document.getElementsByClassName calls
  • DOMqueriesByTagName: number of document.getElementsByTagName calls
  • DOMqueriesByQuerySelectorAll: number of document.querySelectorAll calls
  • DOMinserts: number of DOM nodes inserts
  • DOMqueriesDuplicated: number of duplicated DOM queries

Event listeners

  • eventsBound: number of EventTarget.addEventListener calls

Window performance

See NavigationTiming spec for more information

  • onDOMReadyTime: time it took to fire onDOMready event
  • onDOMReadyTimeEnd: time it took to finish processing onDOMready event
  • windowOnLoadTime: time it took to fire window.load event
  • windowOnLoadTimeEnd: time it took to finish processing window.load event

Requests statistics

  • smallestResponse: the size of the smallest response
  • biggestResponse: the size of the biggest response
  • fastestResponse: the time to the last byte of the fastest response
  • slowestResponse: the time to the last byte of the slowest response
  • medianResponse: median value of time to the last byte for all responses


  • localStorageEntries: number of entries in local storage


  • jQueryVersion: version of jQuery framework (if loaded)
  • jQueryOnDOMReadyFunctions: number of functions bound to onDOMReady event
  • jQuerySizzleCalls: number of calls to Sizzle (including those that will be resolved using querySelectorAll)

Static assets

  • assetsNotGzipped: static assets that were not gzipped
  • assetsWithQueryString: static assets requested with query string (e.g. ?foo) in URL
  • smallImages: images smaller than 2 kB that can be base64 encoded
  • multipleRequests: number of static assets that are requested more than once


  • cachingNotSpecified: responses with no caching header sent (either Cache-Control or Expires)
  • cachingTooShort: responses with too short (less than a week) caching time
  • cachingDisabled: responses with caching disabled (max-age=0)

Time to first asset

  • timeToFirstCss: time it took to receive the last byte of the first CSS
  • timeToFirstJs: time it took to receive the last byte of the first JS
  • timeToFirstImage: time it took to receive the last byte of the first image

JavaScript bottlenecks

  • documentWriteCalls: number of calls to either document.write or document.writeln
  • evalCalls: number of calls to eval (either direct or via setTimeout / setInterval)

JavaScript errors

  • jsErrors: number of JavaScript errors

JavaScript console and alert

  • windowAlerts: number of calls to alert
  • windowConfirms: number of calls to confirm
  • windowPrompts: number of calls to prompt
  • consoleMessages: number of calls to console.* functions

CSS metrics

This is an experimental feature. Use --analyze-css option to enable it.

  • cssLength: total length of all analyzed CSS files (including comments and whitespaces)
  • cssSelectorsTotal: total number of selectors (.foo, .bar counts as two)
  • cssSelectorsPartsTotal: total number of selectors parts (ul > .bar > a counts as three)
  • cssDeclarationsTotal: total number of properties defined in CSS file
  • cssEmptyDeclarations: total number of selectors with no properties defined (.foo { })
  • cssComplexSelectors: number of complex selectors (consisting of three or more parts)
  • cssQualifiedRules: number of selectors that are mix of either ID and tag name, ID and class or class and tag name
  • cssOldIEFixes: hacky fixes for old versions of Internet Explorer including:
    • number of properties that are prefixed with asterisk (hacky fix for IE7 and below)
    • number of selectors starting with * html (hacky fix for IE6 and below)
  • cssSelectorsByTag: number of selectors by tag name
  • cssSelectorsByWildcard: number of selectors matching all tags (nav *)
  • cssSelectorsByClass: number of selectors by class
  • cssSelectorsById: number of selectors by ID
  • cssSelectorsByPseudo: number of pseudo-selectors (:hover)
  • cssSelectorsByAttribute: number of selectors by attribute (.foo[value=bar])
  • cssSelectorsByAttributeComplex: number of selectors by attribute's value with "regular expressions matching" (img[src$=.jpg])
  • cssImportantsTotal: number of properties with value forced by !important

Debug logs and notices

phantomas apart from "raw" metrics data, when in --verbose mode, emits debug logs and notices with more in-depth data:

21:20:04.553 Sizzle called: .mfbb .frm:not(.fst) (context: #document)
21:20:08.309 DOM insert: node "script" added to "head"
21:26:52.348 eval() called directly: from unknown fn:,init.js @ 53!
21:26:52.348 Backtrace: unknown fn:,init.js @ 53 / onetShowAsyncSlots():,init.js @ 18 / onetShowAsynchAds():,init.js @ 15 / unknown fn:,right,flat-sidebarbox,flat-search,flat-boks1,flat-link1,flat-link2,flat-link3,flat-link5,flat-link4,flat-link6,flat-link7,flat-link8,flat-link11,flat-link12,flat-link13,flat-boxright1,flat-boxright2,flat-boxright3,flat-boxright4,flat-boxright5,flat-boxright6,flat-boxright9,flat-boxright10,flat-config/kwrd=SEGG+BETA2+POZNAN/async=1/kvcity=POZNAN/IV=201309162326510007913073/csr.js?AC=13d1c5237779b317&callback=onetShowAsynchAds @ 4
21:26:52.348 eval'ed code: link13spons = {
        "link": "Panele pod&#322;ogowe 31,50 z&#322;/m2. Zobacz", 
        "url": "
First css received in 1131 ms: <>
First image received in 1290 ms: <>
First js received in 1307 ms: <>
Redirect: <$.billboard.callback&callback=jQuery1704923024866729975_1379366401938&_=1379366402042> is a redirect (HTTP 302)
Requests per domain: 2 request(s) 1 request(s) 33 request(s) 2 request(s) 30 request(s)
JavaScript globals (34): $, $load, $radd, $rget, $rset, $rwidgets, $trk, $uri, GH, GH_config, Handlebars, Lens, _GlobalNavHeaderSrcPageId, activateSearch, buildFallback, cfg, checkLoginStatus, define, ebay, fmttime, functionType, handlebars, jQuery, jQuery1704923024866729975, loaded, max, openWindow, ppaOverlay, raptor, require, tick, toString, updateSignInLinkWithAction, vjo

The smallest response (0.00 kB): <>
The biggest response (85.29 kB): <>

The fastest response (14 ms): <>
The slowest response (5117 ms): <>

<> requested multiple times
Time spent on backend / frontend: 14% / 86%

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