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webpraca is a opensource job board. It's purpose is to provide a way to quickly and easily host a niche job board.
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= Configuration

1. database info (config/database.yml)
2. email for exception notificator(config/exception_notifier.yml)
3. email configuration for mailer(config/mailer.yml)
4. configuration for streams (config/micro_feed.yml)
5. timezone and language(English or Polish) in config/environment.rb

=	Instalation

1. rake db:create
2. rake db:migrate
3. rake db:seed
4. rake webpraca:admin:create

= Running test suite

== Specs

    rake gems:install RAILS_ENV=test
    rake spec

== Cucumber with capybara

    rake gems:install RAILS_ENV=cucumber
    rake db:test:prepare # only needed if test database does not exist
    cucumber features/

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