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Currently a trivial ClojureScript wrapper for node-fibers. Originally wrote to be used in Macchiato, but can be used standalone.

In the near future we plan to experiment with different approaches. See the TODO section below.

Current version is 0.0.4-SNAPSHOT and probably changing regularly.


We're building Macchiato on node. Everything's async. We need a coherent way of approaching this.

Originally we discussed keeping this as part of macchiato/core, since chances are every library we use will need it. Then again, we can use other Macchiato libraries without using the ring-like functionality of core - say, database access, which will depend on futures, could be used to build lambdas for AWS.

Keeping it independent allows us this flexibility.


See macchiato.test.async.futures for sample uses.


All the things! This is just a rough draft and the API might change.

  • Likely renaming the library to macchiato/async, since we may end up doing multiple implementations under the same library.
  • I'm currently looking at async/wait on Node 7. We might want to use that instead of wrapping a custom library.
  • Review synchronize.js and consider a ClojureScript port.

Also, once the API settles:

  • We have some initial tests for futures, expanding the test cases would be nice.
  • More documentation


I welcome pull requests, as long as you're also distributing them under the MIT License.

We are using git-flow. Please submit your pull requests from develop.


Copyright © 2016 Numergent Limited. Distributed under the MIT License.