Developer Preview 6

@obiltschnig obiltschnig released this Oct 12, 2016 · 75 commits to develop since this release

  • upgraded POCO to release 1.7.6
  • make JS/Core, JS/Net, JS/Data and JS/Bridge build on Windows (including VS project files)
  • allow specifying a script memory limit through the osp.js.memoryLimit bundle property (also for JavaScript Servlets and Server Pages)
  • fixed memory usage issues in JavaScript
  • improved script stopping behavior (fix a race condition introduced in 0.5.0)
  • OSP: added BundleContext::listBundles() and BundleLoader::listBundles() overloads accepting a BundleFilter; BundleRepository: add installBundle() overloads that take a bundle repository path.
  • various minor fixes


Developer Preview 5

@obiltschnig obiltschnig released this Oct 6, 2016 · 95 commits to develop since this release

  • fixed a memory usage issue with Session wrapper in JavaScript servlet engine
  • handle potentially empty V8 handles returned by *::New()
  • upgrade bundled Paho to 1.1.0
  • fixed a bug in RemoteGen: generated serializers and deserializers for classes/structs using more than one level of inheritance would only serialize members of direct base class.
  • various minor fixes


Developer Preview 4

@obiltschnig obiltschnig released this Sep 23, 2016 · 30 commits to master since this release

  • Script Scheduler improvements (@once) and documentation.
  • Added POCO Redis library to platform
  • Moved serial port library to platform


Developer Preview 3

@obiltschnig obiltschnig released this Aug 29, 2016 · 121 commits to develop since this release

Another developer preview release.

  • Updated bundled POCO libraries to 1.7.5
  • Added NetworkEnvironmentService
  • Remoting improvements


Developer Preview 2

@obiltschnig obiltschnig released this Aug 8, 2016 · 134 commits to develop since this release

Second developer preview release, before we're going 1.0.


Developer Preview 1

@obiltschnig obiltschnig released this Mar 10, 2015 · 402 commits to develop since this release

This is the first release of, released with the intent to get
early feedback from the IoT developer community. is still in development. The core platform code is done and
considered stable (it's based on code having seen heavy production use
for a few years already). Work leading to 1.0 release focuses on adding
additional sensor, device and cloud service interfaces, as well as improving
the existing interfaces.