Arduino IDE support for the M2 and other SAM-based boards.
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Macchina SAM Boards for Arduino IDE

Note that this is a work-in-progress, so please report any issues.


Under "Preferences", in the "additional Boards Manager URLs" field, paste:

and hit "OK"

Then select "Board Manager" under Tools -> Boards, and install the following:

  • Arduino SAM Boards (32-bit ARM Cortex-M3) by Arduino
  • Macchina SAM Boards by Macchina

You should now have a "Macchina SAM Boards" category under the Tools -> Boards menu in the Arduino IDE.

Manual installation instructions (not using the Board Manager) can be found in


Contributions welcome! For information on how to install this via git clone for easier hacking, please see

Pin Names

See: variant.h or Pin Mapping in the Macchina Documentation.


A big thank you to @TDoust for initially putting together these files. The result is a much cleaner, easy to set up, and less confusing development experience.


The Arduino IDE 3rd-party Hardware Specification provides the guidelines on how the content is structured and what can be included.

The Arduino IDE package_index.json format specification contains the details for integrating with the Arduino Board Manager. You may also be interested in arduino-boards-index which generates our index file.