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Development Instructions


This project uses Git Submodules, after cloning need to run the following command so Git will clone and checkout the submodules:

git submodule update --init

Local install (recommended)

  • Close Arduino IDE.
  • Copy create a macchina folder in the hardware sub-directory of your Arduino directory then copy the contests of this repository.
    • This can be either your sketchbook directory (usually /Arduino), or the directory of the Arduino application itself. The choice is up to you.
    • Tip: You can clone this repository directly to the destination to avoid copying back and forth:
      cd $ARDUINO/hardware # Substitute your actual location for $ARDUINO
      git clone --recursive macchina
  • Launch Arduino IDE and you should find the Macchina M2 board file installed.

Board Manager Install

  • Reference the steps in see before_deploy in .travis.yml to create an archive from your macchina folder and get the size and hash.
  • Grab a copy of package_macchina_index.json and edit one of the packages.platforms entries to match your created archive.
  • Add your modified package_macchina_index.json under Preferences and download your board with the Board Manager.

Release instructions

To publish a new release, making it available for Arduino IDE users perform the following steps:

  1. Commit an update to platform.txt with the new version. Follow Semantic Versioning.
  2. Push an annotated Git tag where the tag name is the version number from platform.txt
  3. Once the Travis CI build completes, retrigger the Travis CI build for macchina/arduino-boards-index from the Travis CI website.

Upstream: ArduinoCore-sam

This variant started as a fork of the arduino_due_x variant in ArduinoCore-sam. This was done in a way that preserves the ability to merge most upstream changes from the variant.

Variant folder (m2)

Running the following command from a branch in ArduinoCore-sam prepares that branch so it can be merged with the contents in macchina/sam/variants/m2 folder. This should probably be done with some regularity, unless the variant has diverged sufficiently so merging is no longer useful.

git filter-branch --prune-empty --subdirectory-filter variants/arduino_due_x/ -f

Platforms.txt / Boards.txt

Summary: it will be best to update these files manually if upstream changes happen that would be relevant/beneficial.

These files change less frequently, are shorter, and would be a greater source of merge conflicts. To increase tidyness of the repository, they were included in such a way that it would not be easy to use git to merge changes from upstream (it remains possible, but would require git replace). Since the files change infrequently, checking for changes from time to time and integrating them should be feasible.

For completeness, here is the command to prepare an ArduinoCore-sam branch to match the structure needed for merging with this repository.

git filter-branch \
    --force \
    --prune-empty \
    --index-filter '
        git ls-tree -z -r --name-only --full-tree $GIT_COMMIT \
        | grep -z -v "^boards.txt" \
        | grep -z -v "^platform.txt" \
        | grep -z -v "^programmers.txt" \
        | xargs -0 -r git rm -q --cached -r

# Eliminate merge commits
git rebase