3D-printable M2 enclosures designed by Macchina
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M2 Enclosures

We've designed a few 3-D printable enclosures that fit M2. Feel free to print, edit, tweak and share what you've made!

This repository contains 4 possible case variations:

  • Under-the-hood (UTH)
  • Under-the-hood (UTH) with additional space for XBee modules
  • Under-the-dash (UTD)
  • Under-the-dash (UTD) with additional space for XBee modules

Any Gcode files are created with Cura for use on an Ultimaker 2 machine. Unless you have the same machine, you'll probably want to re-slice from STL file for your machine.

Note: Use the latest M2R3 versions for best fitting enclosures

Our release hardware uses V-scored PCBs, which result in a little more material on the edges of the PCBs. We've updated the enclosure design to address this, so please use the "M2R3" versions.

Picture of printed cases

We used 4 of these screws in each assembly. We like this translucent plastic so you can see the 5 single-color LEDs through the case. These were printed on an Ultimaker 2 machine.