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@macchrome macchrome released this Nov 6, 2019

Chromium for 64-bit macOS - All Codecs - Wednesday, 06 November 2019

Chromium 80.0.3962.0 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Revision ab94bc190ac484330d83c12f0c5c4f344f7aeced-refs/heads/master@{#712947}

OS macOS Version 10.15.1 (Build 19B88)

only for macOS 64
with codecs (h264, h265, flac, xvid, AV1, etc..)
official build
Xcode_11.2.1 GM Seed
macOS SDK 10.15
clang/LLVM - Default Chromium compiler (no-sync  10.0.0-2019-11-06 Icecc cross-compiled)

Sync • WebRTC • Widevine
SHA1 E96A3F8B5028B35D6EB0D2314B31333077A40828

No Sync • WebRTC • No Widevine
SHA1 76021036F0EAFE4B848D4E4005C21DD67D8070A7

Same spec as above, but:

clang/LLVM  8.0.1
Polly optimised

"-mllvm", "-polly",
"-mllvm", "-polly-enable-delicm=false",
"-mllvm", "-polly-invariant-load-hoisting",
"-mllvm", "-polly-optree-normalize-phi",
"-mllvm", "-polly-opt-outer-coincidence=yes",
"-mllvm", "-polly-opt-simplify-deps=no",
"-mllvm", "-polly-position=after-loopopt",
"-mllvm", "-polly-register-tiling",
"-mllvm", "-polly-run-dce",
"-mllvm", "-polly-vectorizer=stripmine",

No Sync • WebRTC • No Widevine
SHA1 C7BB19A50D745D4636C6D269314FD04B02D31EF3

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