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Chromium for 64 and 32-bit Windows - Ungoogled - Saturday, 02 March 2019

Chromium 72.0.3626.121 (Official Build)
Revision da3787ba355f18db7db52abf75c42afb408d656f-refs/branch-heads/3626@{#883}
OS Windows

No Sync - WebRTC - Widevine - All Codecs - ThinLTO

clang/llvm 9.0.0-r353374

Standard build of Eloston's ungoogled-chromium. All patches applied, apart from "Safe Browser". Linking failed due to safe browsing being removed, so I decided not to remove any element of safe browsing.

ungoogled-chromium-72.0.3626.121-1_windows.7z (64-bit)
SHA1 75CAB154C4F268A0A7CA780C67FC4D4A4975A501

Ungoogled-Chromium-72.0.3626.121-Win32.7z (32-bit)
SHA1 0F664AF311B856A19DEE879878450F034DC8D74D

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