Chromium for 64-bit Windows - Ungoogled - Thursday, 07 February 2019

Chromium 72.0.3626.96 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Revision 84098ee7ef8622a9defc2ef043cd8930b617b10e-refs/branch-heads/3626@{#836}
OS Windows

No Sync - WebRTC - Widevine - All Codecs - ThinLTO

clang/llvm 9.0.0-r353374

Standard build of Eloston's ungoogled-chromium. All patches applied, apart from "Safe Browser". Linking failed due to safe browsing being removed, so I decided not to remove any element of safe browsing.

ungoogled-chromium-72.0.3626.96-1_windows.7z (7-Zip archive)
SHA1 9365AF7BA7DAFCCB672B544367D356ACAF93D2C2


Supplementary build notes:

Download gn from:

Unpack ungoogled installer

Amend, if necessary, version.ini to the current version

mkdir build\src

py windows build\src\ungoogled_packaging (or retrieve and populate manually)

cd build\src

EDIT ungoogled_packaging\

(i) Comment out the apply patches section

(ii) Comment out the Run GN bootstrap section

(iii) Comment out Run gn gen

(iv) Comment out Run ninja

Patches are obtained from:


Recreate the directory structure of the required patches: omit the safe browser patches safe

Manually apply the patches for each sub and nested directory; find patches that have failed by searching for *.rej; amend rejections: study the .rej file.

Eg: inox-patchset debian_buster iridium-browser iridium-browser ungoogled-chromium ungoogled-chromium\windows bromite

for /f "usebackq delims=|" %f in (dir /b "C:\Chromium\patches\inox-patchset") do C:\Chromium\chromium-73.0.3678.0\third_party\git\usr\bin\patch.exe -Np1 -b -i "C:\Chromium\patches\inox-patchset"%f


gn.exe gen out\Default --fail-on-unused-arg

Comment out safe_browser

third_party\ninja\ninja.exe -C out\Default chrome chromedriver

Build process will fail with missing file: obtain and replace missing file

Pack manually


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