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%w[rubygems rake rake/clean fileutils newgem rubigen].each { |f| require f }
require File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/lib/bowline'
# Generate all the Rake tasks
# Run 'rake -T' to see list of generated tasks (from gem root directory)
$hoe ='bowline', Bowline::VERSION) do |p|
p.developer('Alex MacCaw', '')
p.changes = p.paragraphs_of("History.txt", 0..1).join("\n\n")
p.rubyforge_name = 'maccman'
p.extra_dev_deps = [
['newgem', ">= #{::Newgem::VERSION}"]
p.clean_globs |= %w[**/.DS_Store tmp *.log]
path = (p.rubyforge_name == ? p.rubyforge_name : "\#{p.rubyforge_name}/\#{}"
p.remote_rdoc_dir = File.join(path.gsub(/^#{p.rubyforge_name}\/?/,''), 'rdoc')
p.rsync_args = '-av --delete --ignore-errors'
require 'newgem/tasks' # load /tasks/*.rake
Dir['tasks/**/*.rake'].each { |t| load t }
# TODO - want other tests/tasks run by default? Add them to the list
# task :default => [:spec, :features]
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