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A simple Heads Up display

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Heads Up

A simple Heads Up display showing your calendar items for today, your unread emails and custom notes.

Download the OSX app or try the live demo.

Heads Up

Heads Up contains good examples of how to use:


If you're browsing the source, the interesting files are:

Google keys

If you're running the app locally, or using Heroku, you'll first need to obtain a set of API keys from Google, as well as specify the correct redirect URLS:

Redirect URLS

Running locally

git clone git://
cd headsup

rake db:setup
export GOOGLE_KEY=mykey GOOGLE_SECRET=mysecret

rails s thin

Deploying to Heroku

git clone git://
cd headsup

heroku create myapp --stack cedar
heroku addons:add piggyback_ssl
heroku config:add GOOGLE_KEY=mykey GOOGLE_SECRET=mysecret

git push heroku master
heroku run rake db:setup

Building the app with MacGap

MacGap is a utility for wrapping up web apps with a WebKit wrapper, and exposing a basic OS integration API.

If you want to build the MacGap application, you'll first have to edit the redirect endpoint in ./macgap/index.html to point to your remote application, and then run:

rake macgap:build
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