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Monocle is a link and news aggregation website.



  • Ruby 2.0
  • Postgres 9.3
  • Redis
  • A GitHub app account
  • A Twitter app account


bundle install
createdb monocle_development
rake db:migrate


Monocle needs a few configuration variables to work properly. You can export them from your terminal like in the following example:

export GITHUB_KEY=123
export GITHUB_SECRET=123

export TWITTER_KEY=123

Or you can copy the included .sample.env into a .env file and set all your variables there.

First time user

To become administrator as first time user, first start Monocle with:

thin start

Login with twitter or github into Monocle, then open a terminal and open Monocle inside an IRB session with:

irb -r ./app.rb

From there execute:

user = Brisk::Models::User.first
user.admin = true
user.registered = true

Now you will be able to post, comment and invite users.