Use CommonJS modules in your Rack/Rails applications
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rack-modulr lets you easily use Common.JS modules in your Rack/Rails applications.


Although not required, it's recommended you use this custom version of the Modulr gem.


For example with Rack:

require "rack/modulr"

use Rack::Modulr, :modulr => {:minify => true}
run { [200, {"Content-Type" => "text/html"}, []] }

Or with Rails:

// Gemfile

gem "modulr",      :git => "git://"    
gem "rack-modulr", :git => "git://"

// config/application.rb
require "rack/modulr"
config.middleware.use "Rack::Modulr"

Then any modules in app/javascripts will be automatically parsed by Modulr

// app/javascripts/utils.js    
exports.sum = function(val1, val2){
  return(val1 + val2);

// app/javascripts/application.js
var utils = require("./utils");
console.log(utils.sum(1, 2));

When the browser requests a module, all its dependencies will be recursively resolved.

$ curl "http://localhost:5001/javascripts/application.js"

(function() {
    'utils': function(require, exports, module) {
      exports.sum = function(val1, val2){
        return(val1 + val2);

  require.ensure(['utils'], function(require) {
    var utils = require("./utils");
    console.log(utils.sum(1, 2));

Modulr injects a module loader library but if you want to use a different one, like Yabble, you'll need to pass the :custom_loader option to Rack::Modulr:

use Rack::Modulr, :modulr => {:custom_loader => true}

Rack::Modulr caches the compiled modules in memory. Every request, the request module will be checked, to see if it's mtime has changed. If the module hasn't been changed, it'll be served from memory if possible.

By defaulting, caching and minification are turned off. To turn them on in the production environment, for example, set the global settings on Rack::Modulr.

// production.rb
Rack::Modulr.configure do |config|
  config.cache  = true
  config.minify = true

Based on Kelly Redding's great work on rack-less.