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API to access autocomplete data

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requestProfile is an API to access autocomplete data, to allow one-click signups and payment in the browser.

This Chrome extension is just a proof of concept, but the API looks like this:

navigator.requestProfile(profileTypes, success, error);

Then the browser pops open a permissions dialog and, if approved, invokes the callback function with the user's data.

Request Profile

You can specify data to be used in the extension's options:



var error = function(type){ /* ... */ };

var success = function(profile){
    cardNumber: profile.cardNumber

navigator.requestProfile(['firstName', 'lastName', 'cardNumber'], success, error);

Installing the extension

  1. git clone git://
  2. Go to Chrome -> Extensions, enter developer mode and Load unpacked extension.
  3. For an example, open index.html.
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