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class AreaTitle extends Spine.Controller
className: 'areaTitle'
change: (area) ->
@html("width: #{area.width}px   height: #{area.height}px")
move: (position) ->
@el.css(left: position.left, top:
class Resizing extends Spine.Controller
'start.resize': 'resizeStart'
'resize.element': 'resized'
'end.resize': 'resizeEnd'
constructor: (@stage) ->
super(el: @stage.el)
resizeStart: ->
resized: (e, element) ->
area = element.area()
unless @areaTitle
@append(@areaTitle = new AreaTitle)
left: area.left + area.width + 10,
top: + area.height + 10
resizeEnd: ->
@areaTitle = null
module.exports = Resizing
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