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A clean and minimal theme for the rEFInd UEIF boot manager
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rEFInd Black theme

rEFInd is a simplistic boot manager for UEFI based systems.


This is a clean and minimal theme inspired from the rEFInd-minimal theme by Evan Purkhiser and the screenshot from Avi Romanoff's freya-on-a-mac project.



  1. Clone the repository to your computer

    git clone

  2. Copy the refind-black folder (the one inside the project) into the same directory as your rEFInd efi executable (usually /boot/EFI/refind/).

  3. Open the refind.conf file and add the line

    include refind-black/refind-black.conf


Follow the rEFInd guides to customize the refind-black config file to suit your needs.

To set the icons for your entries you will want to add the icon option to each menuentry which points to the icon under refind-black/icons that you would like to use for that entry.

Here's an example configuration (from the screenshot)

# showtools               shutdown

scan_all_linux_kernels  false

scanfor                 manual,external

resolution 0

hideui singleuser,hints,arrows,label

icons_dir refind-black/icons

banner refind-black/background.png

selection_big   refind-black/selection-big.png
selection_small refind-black/selection-small.png

menuentry Elementary {
    loader EFI/Elementary/vmlinuz-3.16.1
    initrd EFI/Elementary/initrd.img-3.16.1
    options "root=/dev/sda2 rw"

menuentry Windows {
    icon EFI/refind/refind-black/icons/os_win.png
    loader EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi

To show the shutdown option while booting, uncomment the #showtools shutdown line in the refind-black.conf file.

Entries that are autodetected should also show the proper icons.

Note that this theme currently only has icons for Elementary OS and Windows 8.

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