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Chez Scheme Implementation of finalize
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finalize facility for Chez Scheme.


This library exports only 2 APIs, finalize and set-collect-limit!. APIs might be changed in the future.


procedure: (finalize object free)
returns: the given object
libraries: (finalize)

Basically, finalize creates a hook that is executed after a given object has been reclaimed by the garbage collector. object is a Scheme object, free is a procedure that takes only one argument. When collections happen, free procedure will be called on object.


procedure: (set-collect-limit! limit)
returns: unspecified
libraries: (finalize)

set-collect-limit! specifies how many objects will be "released" during a single collect. limit must be a non-negative fixnum; when 0 is give, it means no limit at all.


Suppose we have written definitions to represent C byte arrays:

(define-record-type (c-u8-array mk-c-u8-array c-u8-array?)
  ;; ptr is the C pointer heading to the array
  ;; len is the array's length
  (fields ptr len))

Now we want to construct c-u8-array from a list:

(define (make-c-u8-array lst)
  (let* ([len (length lst)]
         [ptr (foreign-alloc (fx* len (foreign-sizeof 'unsigned-8)))])
    (do ([lst lst (cdr lst)]
         [i 0 (fx1+ i)])
        ((fx=? i len) (mk-c-u8-array ptr len))
      (foreign-set! 'unsigned-8 ptr i (car lst)))))

(define array (make-c-u8-array (list 1 2 3)))

To properly "destroy" a c-u8-array object, Chez Scheme's GC will release everything from its heap once the object it proven to be inaccessible. However, it only release ptr from heap -- it has no idea that it should also release the memory we allocated, e.g.:

(foreign-free (c-u8-array-ptr array))

So it's the case where we should use finalize:

(define (free-c-u8-array array)
  (foreign-free (c-u8-array-ptr array))
  ;; to demostrate, display some information
  (display (format "Memory @~x has been properly released.~%" (c-u8-array-ptr array))))

(define (make-c-u8-array lst)
  (let* ([len (length lst)]
         [ptr (foreign-alloc (fx* (foreign-sizeof 'unsigned-8)))])
    (do ([lst lst (cdr lst)]
         [i 0 (fx1+ i)])
        ((fx=? i len))
      (foreign-set! 'unsigned-8 ptr i (car lst)))
    (finalize (mk-c-u8-array ptr len)

By finalize, now the GC will know to call free-c-u8-array when collecting a c-u8-array object. Now if you run this code in your REPL:

;;; allocate 1000,000 c-u8-array objects and immediately drop it at each time
(do ([i 0 (fx1+ i)])
    ((fx=? i (expt 10 6)))
  (make-c-u8-array (list (random 256) (random 256) (random 256))))
;;; massive outputs e.g. "Memory @1A6AE155C70 has been properly released."
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