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This is a mixture of a few existing themes, namely the html5boilerplate
Wordpress theme and Breakfast, a theme from
The idea is not that you would use this theme as-is, but as with
html5boilerplate, as a jumping off point for your own theme.
+(Largely a copied from Brent Hoover's [post]( to GoogleGroups)
+For this packages it's even easier since you actually don't need to install
+anything. Just drop the contents of the directory you checked out into the
+root of your project, and add the name of the directory to your
+Clone out **mezzanine-html5boilerplate**
+ git clone git://
+Then just copy the directory out into your project like this:
+(Notice the the dash has changed to an underscore, probably a name like
+"mytheme" might work better)
+ myprojectroot/
+ /mezzanine_html5boilerplate/
+ /templates
+ /templatetags
+ /etc...
+Then in change your INSTALLED_APPS so it looks like so:
+ .....<other_apps_snipped>
+ "mezzanine.generic",
+ "",
+ "mezzanine.forms",
+ "mezzanine.pages",
+ "mezzanine_html5boilerplate",
+Then while you are working on modifying the theme, you will want to add:
+ THEME="mezzanine_html5boilerplate"
+Which allow mezzanine to use the theme without installing it.

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