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cdf148b Joe Bowser Starting Release Process
infil00p authored
1 Bryce Curtis (5):
2 [CB-352] Support initializing DroidGap with existing WebView, WebViewClient and webViewChrome. [CB-353] Create PluginEntry object to use by PluginManager.
3 [CB-367] Back button event should fire on key up not key down Also changed menu key and search key to be consistent.
4 Tests to verify Android native features.
5 [CB-423] Problem displaying patch-9 splash screen.
6 Update project template cordova.js reference and title.
8 Fil Maj (6):
9 switched from "require" syntax to "cordova.require"
10 cordova.require("cordova") is pretty funny. wish i didnt write it
11 updates to JS: removing require+define from global scope, tweaking geolocation code, online/offline events fire on document now
12 removed old javascript files and removed unused target + commented out lines in build.xml
13 spacing fixes, null check in getPhoneType in contacts, returning error integers instead of objects in contacts
14 updating network status plugin label and updating cordova-js to latest
16 Joe Bowser (11):
17 We show the default 404 on non-resolved domains
18 Fixing CB-210 with patch and adding fix for CB-210
19 Tweaked File Transfer to fix CB-74
20 Changing to the modern icon
21 Added temporary Cordova splash for now
22 Checking for the callback server before we call sendJavascript for the Kindle Fire, CB-247
23 Fixing CB-343: We need to respect the whitelist
24 Fixing a bug with File Upload on Android where Chunked mode isn't used by default
25 First stab at CB-21, I really need more info before I can close this
26 Tagged 1.6rc1
27 Fixing the template, since this doesn't have to be unit tested. :)
29 macdonst (12):
30 CB-383: Fixes issue with misspelled destinationType for Camera.getPicture()
31 Fix for CB-389: resolveLocalFileSystemURI does not work on a resized image captured from Camera.getPicture()
32 Fixing license header in com.phonegap.api.PluginManager
33 CB-321: Media API: 'mediaSuccess' callback param to new Media() is called soon after new obj created
34 CB-163: contactFindOptions.filter does not work as expected on Android
35 CB-426: camera.getPicture ignores mediaType in 1.5
36 Updating for CB-421 and CB-426
37 CB-438: File metadata.modificationTime returns an invalid date
38 Return MediaError object and not error code from native side of Media API
39 CB-446: Enhance setting data source for local files in AudioPlayer
40 CB-453: FileWriter.append - Chinese characters are not appended to the file correctly
41 CB-446: Enhance setting data source for local files in AudioPlayer
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