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module ActiveAdmin
class MenuItem
include Menu::MenuNode
attr_accessor :id, :label, :url, :priority, :display_if_block, :html_options
attr_reader :parent
# Build a new menu item
# @param [Hash] options The options for the menu
# @option options [String, Proc] :label
# The label to display for this menu item. It can either be a String or a
# Proc. If the option is Proc, it is called each time the label is requested.
# @option options [String] :id
# A custom id to reference this menu item with. If empty an id is automatically
# generated for you.
# @option options [String, Symbol] :url
# A string or symbol representing the url for this item. If it's a symbol, the
# view will automatically call the method for you.
# @option options [Integer] :priority
# MenuItems are sorted by priority then by label. The lower the priority, the
# earlier in the menu the item will be displayed.
# Default: 10
# @option options [Proc] :if
# A block for the view to call to decide if this menu item should be displayed.
# The block should return true of false
# @option options [Hash] :html_options
# A hash of options to pass to `link_to` when rendering the item
# @param [ActiveAdmin::MenuItem] parent The parent menu item of this item
def initialize(options = {}, parent = nil)
@label = options[:label]
@id = normalize_id(options[:id] || label)
@url = options[:url] || "#"
@priority = options[:priority] || 10
@html_options = options[:html_options] || {}
@parent = parent
@display_if_block = options[:if]
yield(self) if block_given? # Builder style syntax
def parent?
# Returns an array of the ancestory of this menu item
# The first item is the immediate parent fo the item
def ancestors
return [] unless parent?
[parent, parent.ancestors].flatten
def <=>(other)
result = priority <=> other.priority
result = label.to_s <=> other.label.to_s if result == 0
# Returns the display if block. If the block was not explicitly defined
# a default block always returning true will be returned.
def display_if_block
@display_if_block || lambda { |_| true }
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