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Sep 20, 2010

  1. Magnus Hagander

    Remove cvs keywords from all files.

    mhagander authored

Apr 23, 2004

  1. Bruce Momjian

    Add new auto-detection of thread flags.

    Allow additional thread flags to be added via port templates.
    Change thread flag names to PTHREAD_CFLAGS and PTHREAD_LIBS to match new
    configure script.
    bmomjian authored

Jan 19, 2004

  1. Remove JDBC from the build system and documentation, too.

    Tom Lane authored

Nov 29, 2003

  1. $Header: -> $PostgreSQL Changes ...

    PostgreSQL Daemon authored

Sep 04, 2002

  1. Peter Eisentraut

    Remove leftovers from subproject removals. Fixes for Python and Kerberos

    petere authored

Mar 29, 2002

  1. Peter Eisentraut

    Upgrade to Autoconf version 2.53. Replaced many custom macro

    calls with new or now-built-in versions.  Make sure that all
    calls to AC_DEFINE have a third argument, for possible use of
    autoheader in the future.
    petere authored

Aug 26, 2001

  1. Peter Eisentraut

    Put the right runpath to libpq into the Perl module shared object on …

    platforms and without relinking.
    Also support VPATH builds and DESTDIR installs.  One hopes.
    petere authored

Mar 05, 2001

  1. Ok, I've split todays commit into three, the first two already done h…

    …ad some
    bits in JDBC & the first set of tools into contrib.
    This is the third, and deals with enabling JDBC to be compiled with the main
    What it does is add a new option to configure: --with-java
    This option tells configure to look for ant (our build tool of choice) and
    if found, it then compiles both the JDBC driver and the new tools as part
    of the normal make.
    Also, when the postgresql install is done, all the .jar files are also
    installed into the ${PGLIB}/java directory (thought best to keep then separate)
    Now I had some conflicts when this applied so could someone please double check
    that everything is ok?
    Peter Mount authored

Nov 05, 2000

  1. Peter Eisentraut

    Add some configure checks for DocBook and related tools. With a somewhat

    standard installation layout it should be possible to build the HTML
    and print documentation without additional manual setup.
    petere authored

Oct 20, 2000

  1. Peter Eisentraut

    Add check for GNU or not GNU ld, needed to pick the right export_dynamic

    flags for Solaris.  The test itself is straight from libtool.
    petere authored

Sep 25, 2000

  1. Peter Eisentraut

    Revise Tcl/Tk configuration. Make missing Tcl after --with-tcl an error,

    add --without-tk option to disable Tk.  We don't need the AC_PATH_XTRA
    test because already contains all the information about how to
    compile and link with X.  Also make sure that libpq is up to date for
    libpgtcl.  Remove executable bits from, but add it to pgaccess.
    petere authored

Sep 21, 2000

  1. Peter Eisentraut

    Replace brain-dead Autoconf macros AC_ARG_{ENABLE,WITH} with something

    that's actually useful, robust, consistent.
    Better plan to generate aclocal.m4 as well: use m4 include directives,
    rather than cat.
    petere authored

Aug 29, 2000

  1. Peter Eisentraut

    Revert removal of signed, volatile, and signal handler arg type tests.

    petere authored

Aug 28, 2000

  1. Peter Eisentraut

    New configure test for flex, which recognizes only flex but does so i…

    …n all
    incarnations (I hope). When an acceptable flex version is not found, print
    instructive error messages from both configure and the makefiles, so that
    users can continue building anyway.
    petere authored

Aug 27, 2000

  1. Peter Eisentraut

    Remove configure tests for `signed', `volatile', and signal handler a…

    the harm potential outweighs the possible benefits.
    petere authored

Aug 26, 2000

  1. Peter Eisentraut

    Fix AC_FUNC_ACCEPT_ARGTYPES to accept `const struct sockaddr *' as se…

    argument, change the order of tests for the third argument to be safe
    against missing prototypes, and make it fail hard if none of the
    combinations succeed.
    petere authored

Jun 14, 2000

  1. Peter Eisentraut

    Big warnings cleanup for Solaris/GCC. Down to about 40 now, but

    we'll get there one day.
    Use `cat' to create aclocal.m4, not `aclocal'. Some people don't
    have automake installed.
    Only run the autoconf rule in the top-level GNUmakefile if the
    invoker specified `make configure', don't run it automatically
    because of CVS timestamp skew.
    petere authored

Jun 11, 2000

  1. Peter Eisentraut

    Substituted new configure test for types of accept()

    Interfaced a lot of the custom tests to the config.cache, in the process
    made them separate macros and grouped them out into files. Made naming
    Removed a couple of useless/unused configure tests.
    Disabled C++ by default. C++ is no more special than Perl, Python, and Tcl.
    And it breaks equally often. :(
    petere authored

Jun 10, 2000

  1. Peter Eisentraut

    Moved the intricacies of the perl interface build into its own makefile

    that now functions as a wrapper around the MakeMaker stuff. It might
    even behave sensically when we have separate build dirs. Same for plperl,
    which of course still doesn't work very well. Made sure that plperl
    respects the choice of --libdir.
    Added --with-python to automatically build and install the Python interface.
    Works similarly to the Perl5 stuff.
    Moved the burden of the distclean targets lower down into the source tree.
    Eventually, each make file should have its own.
    Added automatic remaking of makefiles and configure. Currently only for the
    top-level because of a bug(?) in Autoconf. Use GNU `missing' to work around
    missing autoconf and aclocal. Start factoring out macros into their own
    config/*.m4 files to increase readability and organization.
    petere authored
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