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The slon local connection needs to be a superuser to set

session_replication_role.  Update the docs to reflect this
and remove some of the discussion about running as a non-superuser
since that apparently won't work (today).
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@@ -47,6 +47,9 @@ places.</para>
<listitem><para>Make modifications (INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE/ALTER) to all replicated tables.</para>
+<para> set the session_replication_role to replica</para>
@@ -92,51 +95,11 @@ management user be a superuser, as, in that case, one need not think
about what permissions to configure, but this is excessive.</para>
<para> There is only actually one place where &slony1; truly requires
-superuser access, and that is during the subscription process, as it
-uses a <quote>hack</quote> to substantially improve performance,
-updating the system catalogue directly to shut off indices during the
-<command>COPY</command>. This functionality is restricted to two
-functions, as of version 2.1, with
-<function>disable_indexes_on_table()</function> and
-<function>enable_indexes_on_table()</function>, which may appropriate
-superuser permissions if configured with <command>SECURITY
-DEFINER</command>. If these two functions are owned by a superuser,
-then that is all the database superuser access that is
-required. </para>
-<para> One could set up a <quote>weak user</quote> assigned to all
-&lslon; requests. The minimal permissions that
-this user, let's call it <command>weakuser</command>, requires are as
-<listitem><para> It must have read access to the &slony1;-specific
-namespace </para> </listitem>
-<listitem><para> It must have read access to all tables and sequences
-in that namespace</para> </listitem>
-<listitem><para> It must have write access to the &slony1; table
-<envar>sl_nodelock</envar> and sequence
-<envar>sl_nodelock_nl_conncnt_seq</envar> </para> </listitem>
-<listitem><para> At subscribe time, it must have read access to all of
-the replicated tables. </para>
-<para> Outside of subscription time, there is no need for access to
-access to the replicated tables. </para> </listitem>
-<listitem><para> There is some need for read access to tables in
-pg_catalog; it has not been verified how little access would be
-suitable. </para> </listitem>
-<listitem><para> As mentioned, the functions for disabling and
-re-enabling indexes during the subscription process must be owned by a
-superuser, and must be accessible to the <quote>weak user.</quote>
+superuser access, and that is for installation (slonik) and on the
+local connetion slon uses.
<title>Handling Database Authentication (Passwords)</title>

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