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Remove references in slonik_ref to objects that are not available whe…

…n building the man pages
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1 parent 194e8fb commit fc782cf8f767484f4417080865e0a1ed670236b0 Christopher Browne committed Jul 11, 2011
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@@ -2438,8 +2438,7 @@ FAILOVER (
dropping out additional nodes (<emphasis>e.g.</emphasis> when it
is necessary to treat <emphasis>all</emphasis> nodes at a site
including an origin as well as subscribers as failed), it is
- necessary to carefully sequence the actions, as described in <xref
- linkend="complexfailover">.
+ necessary to carefully sequence the actions.
@@ -2598,7 +2597,7 @@ EXECUTE SCRIPT (
will have the triggers recreated to match the primary key. Tables
that do not have an exclusive lock will <emphasis>not</emphasis> be
corrected, but a warning message will be generated. The function
- <xref linkend="">
+ <function>repair_log_triggers(only_locked boolean)</function>
may be used manually to correct the triggers on those

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