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Fixing compiler defines for win32.

Win32 does not have a 64 bit 'long it'
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commit ffbb956db71e2638f19132149131c6c7773384db 1 parent 9d6db2e
@ssinger ssinger authored
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1  src/backend/win32.mak
2  src/backend/win32.mak
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ LINK32=link.exe
LINK32_FLAGS= /PDB:slony1_funcs.pdb /DEF:slony1_funcs.def /DLL $(PG_LIB)\postgres.lib
OBJS = slony1_funcs.obj \
-CPP_FLAGS=/c /D MSVC /D WIN32 /D PGSHARE=\"$(PGSHARE)\" /I..\misc /I..\..\ /I$(PG_INC) /I$(PG_INC)\server /I$(PG_INC)\server\port\win32_msvc /I$(PG_INC)\server\port\win32 /D HAVE_LONG_INT_64 /D HAVE_GETACTIVESNAPSHOT /LD /Gd /Tc
+CPP_FLAGS=/c /D MSVC /D WIN32 /D PGSHARE=\"$(PGSHARE)\" /I..\misc /I..\..\ /I$(PG_INC) /I$(PG_INC)\server /I$(PG_INC)\server\port\win32_msvc /I$(PG_INC)\server\port\win32 /D HAVE_LL_CONSTANTS=1 /D HAVE_GETACTIVESNAPSHOT /LD /Gd /Tc
slony1_funcs.obj: slony1_funcs.c
$(CPP) $(CPP_FLAGS) slony1_funcs.c
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