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Slony replication system for Postgresql

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$Id: README,v 1.11 2005-04-15 19:33:15 cbbrowne Exp $

Slony-I is a "master to multiple slaves" replication system with
cascading and failover.

The big picture for the development of Slony-I is a master-slave
system that includes all features and capabilities needed to replicate
large databases to a reasonably limited number of slave systems.

Slony-I is a system for data centers and backup sites, where the
normal mode of operation is that all nodes are available.

1.  Build and install

    See the INSTALL file nearby

2.  Creating a sample database with application

    See the SAMPLE file nearby

3.  Help!  I ran into a problem.

    The file in the documentation area named "helpitsbroken.txt"
    contains a variety of notes describing problems that people have
    run into in setting up Slony-I instances.

    It may be worth checking there to see if the problem you are
    having has already been documented and diagnosed by someone else.

You may also wish to contact the Slony-I mailing list, findable at
<>. or take a peek at who might be available to chat
on the IRC channel #slony on

-- Slony-I team
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