Make the yanked region apparent!
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Make the yanked region apparent!


If you are using Neovim or Vim 8.0.1394 (or later version),

there is no need for configuration, as the highlight event is automatically triggered by the TextYankPost event.

If you are using older Vim,

define a keymapping to <Plug>(highlightedyank). Checking the existence of TextYankPost event would be good.

if !exists('##TextYankPost')
  map y <Plug>(highlightedyank)

Optimizing highlight duration

If you want to optimize highlight duration, use g:highlightedyank_highlight_duration or b:highlightedyank_highlight_duration. Assign a number of time in milliseconds.

let g:highlightedyank_highlight_duration = 1000

A negative number makes the highlight persistent.

let g:highlightedyank_highlight_duration = -1

When a new text is yanked or user starts editing, the old highlighting would be deleted.

Highlight coloring

If the highlight is not visible for some reason, you can redefine the HighlightedyankRegion highlight group like:

hi HighlightedyankRegion cterm=reverse gui=reverse

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