A lint tool for vim help files.
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How to use

  1. Install vim-vimhelplint

    • Copy ftplugin/help_lint.vim to your ~/.vim/ftplugin/help_lint.vim.
    • Or you can use your favorite plugin manager (Vundle, Neobundle, vim-plug).
    " Vundle
    Plugin 'machakann/vim-vimhelplint'
    " Neobundle
    NeoBundle 'machakann/vim-vimhelplint'
    " vim-plug
    Plug 'machakann/vim-vimhelplint'
  2. Open Vim and edit your help file: :edit path/to/your_help_file.txt

  3. Execute the ex command :VimhelpLint, and it will report errors to the quickfix list. You can use e.g. :copen to open the list then. Use :VimhelpLint! to open the quickfix window automatically.

Or if you are using Neomake, run the shell command in the root directory of Neomake plugin.

make build/vimhelplint

Then it automatically downloads vimhelplint, you can run it by:

:Neomake vimhelplint

Integration in CI

You can run the plugin automatically as follows, e.g. on Travis CI:

vim -esN --cmd 'set rtp+=path/to/vim-vimhelplint' -c 'filetype plugin on' \
    -c 'e doc/yourplugin.txt' -c 'verb VimhelpLintEcho' -c q