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Tachyon - MementoWeb Plugin for Chrome

This is an experimental plugin, to assess if Chrome's webRequest API makes is easier to create a MementoWeb plugin than it is with Firefox.

Started with

Should be possible to bundle it via

  • TODO Use lookup when not time-travelling to discover mementos
  • TODO Insert base href into Memento pages so server-level references resolve against the Memento URL?
  • TODO Use request types (e.g. 'main_frame'?) to force redirect to the TimeGate?
  • TODO Add a UI to enable/disable and to set the desired time, warn when time is before the first memento, etc.
  • TODO Add a UI to support navigation between mementos.
  • TODO Check for memory leak. Clear data associated with tab when it closes.
  • TODO Use to CI Wayback itself?

In Normal Browsing Mode

  • Page Action popup summarises crawls over time, and redirects to historical versions (necessarily switching to Time Travel mode?)
  • Badge throbs if you hit a 404 and non-404 archival copies are available.
  • If you click the badge, this tab enters Time Travel Mode, and the content is reloaded.
    • Target time is the last-selected time?
    • Target time defaults to last memento date-time?
    • Target time defaults to latest memento if this is a response to a 404 hit?

In Time Travel Mode:

  • Only views TimeGate responses or Mementos.
  • Target time is fixed per tab, but can be changed manually (which also sets the global default?)
  • Memento-Datetime should be clearly displayed somewhere.
    • Probably the badge colour needs to strongly indicate any major time-skew.

All Modes

  • Badge colour indicates duration since last archival crawl. Red for none.
  • Badge number indicates number of known archival snapshots.
  • The main button pop-up shows a TimeGate selector.

Can the interaction be smoother? Say we click on an instance that has a Memento-Datetime, and we are not in Time Travel mode, we should really switch to Time Travel mode using that new Memento-Datetime. However, can we automatically switch out of it, based on how the URL is entered? Do we need tab-scoped Time Travel to make this work?

MementoFox notes

MementoFox is very slow. Not clear why, but suspect it attempts to block all requests and then re-writes and re-loads them one-by-one.

Firefox does not currently support anything quite like chrome.webRequest, although there may be some similar internal redirect API in future versions. See this link for details:

The limitations of the current API mean the Request URI cannot be altered, I think.

Although requests can be blocked:


An experimental Memento browser plugin for Chrome.



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