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Datagram is an open-source data platform that you can use to build secure shared databases and data structures with anyone. On this site, you will find out how it works.


Your data platform

Sending data over the Internet is not a pleasant experience. Unless you and the receiver are highly tech-savvy, you always end up using a service run by a corporation which exposes you and the receiver to privacy and security risks.

The fundamental challenge in data transfer is that your computer needs to know where it needs to connect, and the receiving computer needs to have a software running that listens for those connections. On top of that, the user experience needs to be so easy anybody can use it.

Datagram is a project that tackles the problem of sending data over the Internet securely and privately.

The vision of Datagram is to evolve into a tool that can enable anybody in the world to have their own private data platform that can seamlessly integrate with other datagrams in the world if asked to.

{% hint style="info" %} We will publish a series of posts about the technical aspects of Datagram soon. Stay tuned! {% endhint %}

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