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# Pull down sass-twitter-bootstrap sources
git clone tmp/sass-twitter-bootstrap
# Copy lib/ to stylesheets/
mkdir -p $ROOT/stylesheets/bootstrap
cp -r $TMP/lib/* $ROOT/stylesheets/bootstrap
# Copy js/ to javascripts/
cp -r $TMP/js/* $ROOT/javascripts
# Copy img/ to images/
cp -r $TMP/img/* $ROOT/images
# Remove tests
rm -r $ROOT/javascripts/tests
rm -r $ROOT/stylesheets/bootstrap/tests
# Patch the asset-url in _variables.scss
patch -f vendor/assets/stylesheets/bootstrap/_variables.scss < asseturl.patch
# Patch paths in bootstrap.scss and responsive.scss
sed -i .bak 's_@import \"_@import \"bootstrap/_g' $ROOT/stylesheets/bootstrap/{bootstrap,responsive}.scss
rm $ROOT/stylesheets/bootstrap/*.bak
rm -rf $TMP