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A Rails engine for drawing your app's ER diagram and operating migrations


  • Rails 3.2 or 3.1

  • Graphviz


Add 'erd' gem to your existing app's Gemfile:

gem 'erd'

Bundle it:

% bundle


Browse at your localhost:3000/erd


  • Erd draws an ER diagram based on your app's database and models

  • You can drag and arrange the positions of each model

  • You can operate DB schema manipulations such as `add column`, `rename column`, `alter column`, and `drop table`

  • Then, Erd generates migration files on the server

  • And you can run each migration on your browser


  • Better design

  • Better UI

  • Fix buggy JS

  • create table (we need to generate AR model file at the same time)

  • drop column (need to think of the UI)

  • stop depending on rails-erd and Graphviz

  • tests

  • cleaner code (the code is horrible. Please don't read the code, though of course your patches welcome)

Contributing to Erd

  • Send me your pull requests!


Copyright © 2012 Akira Matsuda. See MIT-LICENSE for further details.