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Checklist - An Angular.JS app

I am learning Angular.JS by building a mobile-first checklist web app. I am practicing agile project management and behavior-driven, test-driven development. I will document the daily process with written stand-ups. My goal is to get familiar with JavaScript MVC frameworks and Jasmine.

Read my daily app check-ins here.

Project process:

  • Write pitch and specification
  • Write user stories
  • Add user stories to Pivotal Tracker with to-do list.
  • Start Git repo
  • Write Jasmine tests, based on Pivotal Tracker user stories.
  • Write daily stand-up check-ins.


Get you and your friends organized with one central checklist. Your group can start a checklist together and take on your project, one step at a time. Use your mobile phone as a collaborative checklist: Log a list of everything you need, start checking things off as you go, see what your friends have done, see what’s left to get done. See your status reach 100% and get ready to roll.


For small groups of people who need to quickly write and organize an activity, the app, a light-weight mobile-friendly website, will provide groups a way to collaborate on a checklist to get things done. Unlike all the other apps out there, this app will be accessible from mobile phones and web browsers, will not require log-ins and has no extra features.

What’s in the scope?

  • Time: Two-week minimum-viable product
  • Speed: Fast, real-time collaborating

What’s out of scope (for now)?

  • Log-in/log-out
  • Assigning people to tasks
  • Dates, deadlines
  • Privacy settings

What’s possible in the future?

  • Re-usable checklist

A user story: A series of process stories

In order to organize a group activity with a set list of prep instructions, as a leader of a bicycle touring group, I want a collaborative real-time checklist website to see what the group collectively has, and what we don’t have yet. Ultimately, I want my group to be able to see what we have

  1. To get all my friends on the same page, as an organizer, I must be able to start a checklist that all participants can view and invite them to it. It will have a title and unique URL.
  2. To work collaboratively on my list, as an organizer and participant, I must be able to be able to have all participants, including myself, write items and save it on our checklist.
  3. To start make sure the list is complete and accurate, as an organizer and participant, I must be able to be able to edit (re-write) items in the list.
  4. To see what my friends have already, as an organizer and participant, I must be able to be able to let others check things off the list.
  5. To see what has already been done and who did it, as an organizer and participant, I must be able to see the initials of who checked what item off.
  6. To gauge our overall progress, I must be able to be able to see how many items are checked off. I want to see it graphically.


  1. To re-use a checklist, I must be able to save the items on a checklist and start a new checklist with a new URL.

Pivotal Tracker:

See here.


To-do list


  1. Create HTML elements with basic CSS styling — Checklist with rows, check boxes, text-input area and button, progress bar.
  2. Angular module created.
  3. Firebase connection established; API library installed.
  4. Start to-do list page - add a to-do list item by clicking the button. Complete tests and deploy test-case for mobile testing.
  5. Start to-do list editing - edit a to-do list item by clicking the item.
  6. Show a total number of items.
  7. Add a check button and log into database the check status. Show check status on the screen.
  8. Add a progress bar that shows overall check-list status.


  • Unix/Mac OS X
  • iTerm2
  • Vim, Sublime Text 3
  • Git
  • Jasmine, Cucumber.JS
  • Pivotal Tracker
  • Basecamp
  • HTML/CSS - Sass? Compass?
  • Responsive, mobile-first design
  • Angular.JS
  • Firebase
  • Google Web Fonts


Angular + Firebase Checklist



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