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Awesome Fertility Awareness Method resources

A curated list of awesome Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) tools and resources.

Tracker Mobile Applications πŸ“±

Why are these apps awesome? Apps that allow you to track temperature data and easily export that data and/or have Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allow people to access data programmatically

  • Kindara [iOS, Android] - .csv from web interface
  • Clue [iOS, Android]

ProTip: Add a name, URL, compatible mobile devices and data file formats (eg. .csv, .txt available for export)

Tracker Web Interfaces

  • Kindara - view cycles, view days, export data. cannot update data.

Tracker Tools πŸ–₯

  • Flo: Google Calendar integration - [Web] - A Google Calendar and Angular JS app to allow women to more effectively track their menstrual cycles in a way that's convenient and gels with the way they track the rest of their lives.

API (Application Programming Interface) Wrappers πŸ€–

  • Kindara: Ruby API - [Ruby] - API Wrapper in Ruby to access Kindara data programmatically

Tracker Thermometer Devices 🌑

ProTip: Possible data to add - Cost, data export filetypes, charging method (USB, battery), connection method (WiFi, Bluetooth), type of thermometer sensor (ear, mouth, arm), compatible apps

Tracker Thermometer Devices that have shut down

  • Ovatemp [iOS, ONDO wireless thermometer] - Shut down announcement: May 5, 2017, App shut down date: May 31, 2017, Data shut down date: 6 months from May 31, 2017, Content migrating to:

Devices to Watch for ❔

Book πŸ“–

Communities πŸ’•

Reports πŸ’―

Research about apps

Contributing ✏️

If you want to contribute by adding to this list, please read the contribution guidelines.




πŸŒΈπŸ—’ A curated list of awesome Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) tools, resources and research



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