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This software is a browser for D20 system data.

This is capable of using Open Game Content licensed SRD data, and custom personal data.


  • Python 2.6 or a higher version of Python 2.x
  • Django 1.2
  • Django South 0.7.x (tested with 0.7.3)
  • Some database engine supported by Django (SQLite3 used in the default config)

Quick start instructions

The following instructions are for installing and deploying locally. If you need to install this in a public server read the Django documentation about deploying Django sites.

Install the requirements, and virtualenv. virtualenv is not a requirement, but it is a good idea to have. Then run the following commands:

virtualenv --no-site-packages srd20
source srd20/bin/activate
cd srd20
easy_install django south
git clone https://github.com/machinalis/django-srd20.git django_srd20
cd django_srd20

At this point you can customize settings.py or add a local_settings.py; but the defaults should work.

The first time you should should setup the database in the following way:

./manage.py syncdb # This will ask for an admin password
./manage migrate

Doing this again later won't break anything, but is not required. You can also load some of the provided OGL licensed content into the database with the following command:

./manage.py loaddata srd20/fixtures/srd.json

To run a development server that you can access with a web browser:

./manage runserver

While the above is running (until interrupting with CTRL+C) you can point a browser to and use the application