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Simple AI

(Project home:

This packages is based and inspired in aima-python:

We implement most of the searches in aima-python plus some extra options. Besides, we make some improvements in terms of code readability, installation, testing, and others.


Just get it:

pip install simpleai


Simple AI allows you to define problems and look for the solution with different strategies. Another samples are in the samples directory, but here is an easy one.

This problem tries to create the string "HELLO WORLD" using the A* algorithm:

from simpleai.models import Problem
from import astar


class HelloProblem(Problem):
    def actions(self, state):
        if len(state) < len(GOAL):
            return [c for c in ' ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ']
            return []

    def result(self, state, action):
        return state + action

    def is_goal(self, state):
        return state == GOAL

    def heuristic(self, state):
        # how far are we from the goal?
        wrong = sum([1 if state[i] != GOAL[i] else 0
                    for i in range(len(state))])
        missing = len(GOAL) - len(state)
        return wrong + missing

problem = HelloProblem(initial_state='')
result = astar(problem)

print result.state
print result.path()


Special acknowledgements to Machinalis ( for the time provided to work on this project.