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This is a configuration for use with an Additive Manufacturing machine (a.k.a. a 3D printer) without the A-axes positions.
The only 3 coordinates to be used are X, Y and Z. In the g-code file you must specify the appropriate layer height and line widths, as well (un)link the extruder with the nozzle velocity.

setting of the layer height: M68 E3 Qn.nn
( where n.nn is the height in mm )

setting of the line width : M68 E2 Qn.nn
( where n.nn is the width in mm )

The extrusion should be (un)linked from the nozzle motion.
linking   : M64 P2
unlinking : M65 P2

When (un)linking the extruder automatically generates a retract/precharge motion. This is default set to zero. You can change this in the g-code with:

M68 E4 Qn.nn (where n.nn is the time of the retract/precharge)

Processing Slic3r generated G-code files:
For removing all A-axes positions, as well as cleanup of the slic3r g-code file and automatic generation of layer height, line widths, (un)linking of extruder with the nozzle speed there is a shell script and a python script in this directory.

Known issue:
At this time there is only the possibility to find in the slic3r g-code file certain markers (first layer, other layer, perimeter and infill) so generate g-code only with same widths for all type of lines, being perimeter or top/solid/infill.

To do in scripts:
- set retract/precharge time when encountering "retract" marker
- set retract/precharge time to zero when encountering "compensation 
  for retracting"

To find out:
- getting commented output of all line types in Slic3r output.

To do GUI:
- remove obsolete buttons for AM use (coolant, mist etc)
- make buttons and sensor for temperature etc.
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