Cura support for the TheCoolTool UNI-PRINT-3D 3d printer
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Cura plugin for Machinekit and the UNI-PRINT-3D

This plugin enables to use Cura with Machinekit and velocity extrusion. Furthermore, it also adds a machine configuration for the UNI-PRINT-3D 3d printer. For more details please take a look at my blog post.


Use following command to install the files to your Cura installation. The make argument CURA_PATH specifies the path of your cura installation.

Additionally make sure to install the NGCWriter plugin via the Cura plugin repository from within Cura (Plugins > Browse Plugins...).

sudo make install CURA_PATH=/opt/cura

On Windows please copy the corresponding files to your Cura installation:

uni_print_3d.def.json -> <cura_path>/resources/definitions/
uni_print_3d_platform.stl <cura_path>/resources/meshes/

On Linux you can optionally install the Machinekit MIME type by running:

sudo make mime