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A Machine Learning Course with Python

Table of Contents


The purpose of this project is to provide a comprehensive and yet simple course in Machine Learning using Python. You can access to the full documentation with the following links: Book Documentation


Machine Learning, as a tool for Artificial Intelligence, is one of the most widely adopted scientific fields. A considerable amount of literature has been published on Machine Learning. The purpose of this project is to provide the most important aspects of Machine Learning by presenting a series of simple and yet comprehensive tutorials using Python. In this project, we built our tutorials using many different well-known Machine Learning frameworks such as Scikit-learn. In this project you will learn:

  • What is the definition of Machine Learning?
  • When it started and what is the trending evolution?
  • What are the Machine Learning categories and subcategories?
  • What are the mostly used Machine Learning algorithms and how to implement them?

Machine Learning

Title Document
An Introduction to Machine Learning Overview

Machine Learning Basics

Title Code Document
Linear Regression Python Tutorial
Overfitting / Underfitting Python Tutorial
Regularization Python Tutorial
Cross-Validation Python Tutorial

Supervised learning

Title Code Document
Decision Trees Python Tutorial
K-Nearest Neighbors Python Tutorial
Naive Bayes Python Tutorial
Logistic Regression Python Tutorial
Support Vector Machines Python Tutorial

Unsupervised learning

Title Code Document
Clustering Python Tutorial
Principal Components Analysis Python Tutorial

Deep Learning

Title Code Document
Neural Networks Overview Python Tutorial
Convolutional Neural Networks Python Tutorial
Autoencoders Python Tutorial
Recurrent Neural Networks Python IPython

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Final Note

We are looking forward to your kind feedback. Please help us to improve this open source project and make our work better. For contribution, please create a pull request and we will investigate it promptly. Once again, we appreciate your kind feedback and support.


Creator: Machine Learning Mindset [Blog, GitHub, Twitter]

Supervisor: Amirsina Torfi [GitHub, Personal Website, Linkedin ]

Developers: Brendan Sherman*, James E Hopkins* [Linkedin], Zac Smith [Linkedin]

*: equally contributed

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